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Published on June 3rd, 2014 | by Dan Walsh


June / July Book Club: The Education of Millionaires

Hello June!

Let’s get summer off to a rippin’ great start. For your reading pleasure, I have scoured the Earth for mind-blowing books that will make you better, stronger, faster… No wait, that was the Six Million Dollar Man. I take it back, I can’t guarantee those things. But I can guarantee these books are awesome. (My lawyer even said it was ok.) If you want to become a creative genius, live forever, or rub elbows with the rich and elite, then these are the books for you.

Vote for the book you want to read in the comments!

The winning book, and winners of that book will be announced Monday June 23rd.

Book Choices

Vote for the book you want to read in the comments below. Tweet or share on Facebook for extra credit. :)

daily_ritualsDaily Rituals: How Artists Work

By Mason Currey

Daily Rituals is a collection of the quirks and habits that enabled the world’s smartest and most creative people to achieve breakthrough accomplishments. From massive doses of amphetamines to self-medicating with doughnuts, Darwin, Picasso, Anne Rice and more share the habits that made them tick.

This books has been frequently recommended and I’m excited to finally include it on our list. If you liked Bird by Bird or simply need some inspiration to be eccentric, then this is the book for you.

I can’t wait to hear about everyone’s wacky habits.

Get it on Amazon


singularity_is_nearThis Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology

By Ray Kurzweil

Have you heard of The Singularity? It is the point at which technology becomes just a fraction smarter than mankind. This event will trigger massive innovation as humanity’s inventions rapidly start out-inventing humanity. Sound scary? It might be. Or it could unlock faster-than-light space travel, the end of disease, and cyborg super-humans. It sounds a hundred years away, but Ray Kurzweil says it will happen in our lifetime.

Get it on Amazon


education_of_millionairesThe Education of Millionaires

By Michael Ellsberg

I read this book over two years ago and it has profoundly impacted my life. It’s like it unhinged all those rusty iron doors of possibility that had so long ago been sealed shut by the status quo. I give this book away every chance I get. Even if we don’t read it this time around, just ask me for a copy and I’ll send one to you.

Here’s a quote to give you a taste:

“In my experience, the skill of success breaks down into three things. The skill of marketing. The skill of sales. And the skill of leadership.”

And it’s so true. We live in a world defined by social interactions. Those who can navigate that landscape go the farthest in life.

Get it on Amazon


Win a FREE Copy!

I’m giving away three (3) copies of whichever book gets the most votes. Just vote for the book you want to read in the comments below and you’re automatically in the drawing!

*Domestic US shipping only. Sorry my international friends. I can, however send you an eBook if you have a Kindle.

How do I Vote?

All you have to do is leave a comment below with your book of choice. Witty comments earn bonus points.


How do I Join the Book Club?

If you receive emails from me, then you’re already in the club! Just read the book and join us online for the discussion at the date and time below. Only if you’re interested, of course.

If you don’t already receive emails from me, then leave a comment below, or drop your email in the black and blue box on the top right of this page and I’ll make sure you get on the list.


Contest Winners!

1. Karen C.

2. Justinscans

3. Mel

Book Club Discussion Date and Time

This is a relaxed book club and I want everyone to have enough time to read the book. After we choose a title, we’ll all have 6 weeks to read it.

Book: The Education of Millionaires

Discussion Date: August 2nd, 2014

Time: 10am PST

Where:  Google+ hangouts unless otherwise announced. I will post the link [RIGHT HERE] 30 minutes before the discussion begins. I will also tweet the link and email out to everyone on the book club email list.


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13 Responses to June / July Book Club: The Education of Millionaires

  1. justinscans says:

    I vote for The Singularity is Near. Although I think I’d almost equally pleased if the Education of Millionaires won.

  2. Angelica says:

    You had me at self-medicating with doughnuts. But then I read your description of The Education of Millionaires and I have to make that my top choice.

  3. How Artists Work

    what about making the next book club intense — like 2 weeks instead of 6?


  4. Mel says:

    The Education of Millionaires…. Mike just recommended this to us because you had sent it to him :)

  5. Meredith says:

    Well, I just got into Battlestar Galactica…sooo, I have to go with The Singularity is Near.

  6. quilnib says:

    I’m going to have to go with The Education of Millionaires, but Daily Rituals is a close second in my book…LIST that is. Ha!

  7. denise says:

    The Education of Millionaires

  8. huey says:

    Daily Rituals

  9. Angelee Field says:

    How Artists Work please!

  10. Karen C. says:

    1 vote for Education of Millionaires… sounds like exactly what I need right now.

  11. Ivan Tse says:

    Tough choice for me between Rituals and Millionaire. I vote for Rituals, but just by a hair.

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