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Published on February 1st, 2013 | by Dan Walsh


The Spark File

I started my own Spark File sometime in September 2012, and have already produced 54 pages of ideas, whims, what-ifs, and potential project ideas. It has been an excellent way to defrag my brain, and create a chronological catch-all list of  pretty much anything that runs through my head. It’s been especially useful during my morning caffeine and nootropic fueled state of “thinking all thoughts at once.” After some experimentation I found that a simple Google doc works the best.

The spark file itself is not all that unusual: that’s why Moleskins or Evernote are so useful to so many people. But the key habit that I’ve tried to cultivate is this: every three or four months, I go back and re-read the entire spark file. And it’s not an inconsequential document: it’s almost fifty pages of hunches at this point, the length of several book chapters. But what happens when I re-read the document that I end up seeing new connections that hadn’t occurred to me the first (or fifth) time around.


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