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Published on August 6th, 2013 | by Dan Walsh


Sleep Cycle App

We spend one third of our life asleep. By the time we kick the bucket that’s an average of 25 years¬†oblivious of ourselves and our surroundings. For me, the allure to know what goes on during that time was simply too great. Sleep Cycle measures your sleep and provides insight into what the hell you actually do while you’re asleep.


This is my sleep performance from last night. It’s pretty bad because I was up late writing this post. ;)

This is the first app I ever purchased. Even if you don’t care about your sleep patterns, becoming aware of yourself when you’re otherwise helpless and out of your conscious control is surprisingly liberating. The app is completely worth the $1.99 price tag for this sensation alone.

The only thing better would be a machine that records my dreams.

Get The App: Sleep Cycle

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