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Published on April 23rd, 2013 | by Dan Walsh


Get Your Move On


This app is awesome!

Pedometer apps and gizmos abound, Moves stands out as a great example of one that becomes part of a frictionless feedback loop. I think the app is so compelling because my movements are broken up into a timeline that shows where and when the activity took place. This disambiguates what is usually an inaccesible lump sum of steps in other apps. For instance, I can see in the screenshot below that my walk from the SF Archery Pro Shop to the Golden Gate Archery Range and back again contributed a substantial amount of steps to my daily total. It can be eye-opening to realize how active or sedentary I really am on daily basis.

An added bonus is that the app tells me exactly how long it takes to get places – which has surprisingly reduced the amount of times I’ve been late to events.

Because Moves tags the locations I visit, it acts as a micro journal of what I did on any given day. In this sense, it’s a great backup to Little Memory. I don’t know if this was by accident or on purpose, but again it records actionable data about my life in a frictionless way.

I would like to see more in-app data mining in future releases of Moves. For instance, it would be great if the app would let me tag my daily work commutes as such, and then spit back weekly or monthly stats on the total or average amount of time I spend commuting.

The app is a minor extra drain on the phone battery, but nothing too bad. All-in-all, highly recommended.


Download Moves from the Apple Store

Check out the Moves Website


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