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Published on January 28th, 2014 | by Dan Walsh


Happy One Year Anniversary!

Tangents & Distractions is officially one year old today!

I want to thank everyone who’s been involved with the site. Your participation has meant a lot to me. Your honesty and openness has touched me in a way I can barely do justice with words. I truly felt honored every time you joined me for a book club discussion, commented your unique perspective on posts, emailed directly, or shared your stories with me in person.

In fact, the site has grown and developed so much that I can hardly call it a direct extension of myself anymore. It is no longer “me”. Tangents & Distractions has become an “us”. I couldn’t be happier.

Stay tuned for more great content in 2014, including unique stories, experiences, and perspectives directly from T&D members themselves.

Thank you all so much for a great 2013. Here’s to a new year!


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